Thursday, April 16, 2015

Material Comparison to waterproof ponds; EPDM vs. Polyurea

What is Polyurea

Polyurea/polyaspartic floor coatings is a type of one garage flooring option that has produced a new way for the business in  some years  back for ponds.  It has become the majority favorite for as an exchange to epoxy .Some confusion has created for pond owners.  This coating is publicized that it has, the quick solidification ability.

This technique is being popular

This technique is being popular but let’s has a critical view, it really works or not. It is said ,that everything a coating can do is found in it. Why it is on only garage floor?  Several garage flooring corporations’ are approaching this new product.Its confusion regarding polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings is making it doubted too.

What are its advantages? 

It is commonly used for spray-on bed liners, extremely fast cure rate (within5 seconds becomes hard in 5 minutes), most polyureas. Its fastest cure is its advantage. It is not expensive but not cheap also. It cannot be removed easily and sustains long. But can it be compared with Pond liners?

What are its disadvantages?

Other than price, it has downsides compared to different Pond liners. On slippery surface does not work properly. It is not resistant against corrosives or acids. Such sources in basement, Battery acids and beer/wine, liquids which can be reason of fire it is cache for them and causes of residential damage.  It is not removable completely. It is not a DIY methodology and required special equipments to be applied. It is dangerous near gas appliances and heaters throughout application.

What are the advantages of Pond Liners?
It has nearly no disadvantages. If we talk about Pond pro Pond liners they are easy to apply. The cure time of EPDM Pond liners Product Specs is little more but their adhesiveness prolongs for years. They are weather, fire and UV resistant and nearly applied on mostly surfaces without any problem. No danger exists with EPDM Pond liners and Pond liners are helpful even in freezing temperature.  As DIY product they are easiest to apply and don’t need special equipment. They are simply matchless.

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